I began teaching continuing education back in 2001, then credit classes (English) in 2003, working a multiple community colleges, online universities, and technical schools.  I have worked in an on campus Writing Center and functioned as a Writing Coach (helping students with their writing in non-writing classes) online.

I have taught all levels of English classes, ranging from developmental English to College Composition to Literature to Grant Writing.  I have worked with propriety systems (eCollege), as well as Blackboard and WebCT.

In 1996, I dropped out of high school and get a GED.  In 1999, I went back to school and completed my AA in General Studies in 2001 at Galveston College and my BS in Information Technology in 2003 at University of Phoenix.  In 2005, I completed my Master of Liberal Arts degree at Houston Baptist University, and in February of 2010, I completed my Master of Arts in English Literature at Mercy College.  In June of 2011, I completed a Post-Master’s Certificate in College Teaching with Capella University.  In June of 2012, I began my MFA in Creative Writing with the University of Tampa.  After completing my MFA, I hope to complete a PhD, either in Education or English.


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